10 Famous People And Their Cool Business Cards

You know how can you identify a man, his name and address? A simple answer is Business Cards. While normal people use these business cards just to introduce themselves and their business to other fellows, but you know the thing that is special about famous people is their Cool Business Cards. Yes, you read that right famous people do have some of the coolest business cards which usually marks an everlasting impression on the third-party.

Today, we have collected some of the unique and cool business cards of the famous people in history. These are some of the famous people in history and thanks to their business cards, they were able to create an everlasting impression on their business links. So without taking much time, let us check out some of the famous people and their cool business cards:

Unique & Cool Business Cards:

1. Bill Gates : Microsoft


2. Chuck Jones : For Warner Bros


3. Walt Disney : Disney Studios


4. Abraham Lincoln : U.S President


5. Mark Zuckerberg : Facebook


6. Steve Martin : American Actor


7. Steve Wozniak : Apple Inc


8. Harry Houdini : American Illusionist


9. The Beatles : English Rock Band


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10. Kevin Mitnick : American Computer Security Consultant


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