Check Out The Famous Company Logos Then And Now

A Company Logo is an identity of a Corporate Brand and is considered the most critical element in Branding. Logos of famous brands like Apples & Microsoft are iconic now, but these companies started out, their logos were mere clip-art and looked like they had been designed by some amateurs. Stock logos has compiled a list of the famous company logos of these brands comparing those to the current ones. Check these out famous company logos then and now:

1. IBMFamous-Company-Logos-4

2. MicrosoftFamous-Company-Logos-9

3. McDonald’sFamous-Company-Logos-8

4. CanonFamous-Company-Logos

5. NintendoFamous-Company-Logos-10

6. KodakFamous-Company-Logos-5

7. LegoFamous-Company-Logos-7

8. ShellFamous-Company-Logos-12

9. NissanFamous-Company-Logos-11

10. Lay’sFamous-Company-Logos-6

11. FirefoxFamous-Company-Logos-3

12. Discovery ChannelFamous-Company-Logos-13



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