Do You Know Eraser’s Blue Part Is Not Meant For Erasing Ink Marks?

Our teachers, parents and seniors, everyone told us that the eraser’s blue part is used to erase pen marks or more specifically, ink marks. Listening to our elders, we always try to implement their teachings in real life. We tried erasing the pen marks with the eraser’s blue part but every time we tried, we all failed, miserably. Do you know the reason why? Because it’s a myth that the blue part erases the ink marks. The actual purpose of that part is something different.


You must be thinking that everything you have learned in your life is a lie. Don’t go that much deep into your life, just stick to the same question and start thinking that if that’s not the case, then what is the purpose of the blue part of the eraser? You can also take the help of your loved ones in finding the answer to this question and if you don’t wanna waste your time, you can check out the answer below.


The Real Purpose of Eraser’s Blue Part

Let us help you with the answer. The purpose of eraser’s blue part is to erase pencil marks on heavy weight papers or dark marks. While the soft end(white/orange) is designed for light grades of paper(normal paper) which the hard side(blue part) would tear apart. You must be feeling enlighten after reading what’s the real purpose of that part of the eraser. Frankly speaking, we also didn’t know its real use until we start digging deep into the mystery and we finally found the answer on Quora.

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Source: Quora.


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