This Dubai Rainforest Hotel Should Be Your Next Dream Destination

While We already know that no other country can beat Dubai when it comes to Architecture. Dubai is the master in the world when it comes to Building luxurious buildings or Hotels like the recent Rainforest Hotel which is designed by ZAS Architecture and is ready to launch by 2018. This Dubai Rainforest Hotel will be named as ‘Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences‘ and will have all the luxury in the world to offer. Check out the stunning designs of this 5-star hotel.


Dubai Rainforest Hotel- Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences:

Rainforest-Hotel-Rosemont-Dubai-Real-ForestIt will in-house a rain-forest in which trees will spray mist. It will be made at a whopping budget of $300 million. Also, the two 47-story towers will have the usual 5-star luxuries including a SPA, health club, meeting rooms, fine dining restaurants, luxury cinema on the top floor, bowling alley, sky lobby, trampoline park and more.

Rainforest-Hotel-Rosemont-Dubai-RainforestIt’s designed by ZAS Architecture and will be managed by Hilton Worldwide. While it will be completed by no later than 2018. We bet that the final Rainforest Hotel will be Jaw Dropping.

Rainforest-Hotel-Rosemont-DubaiLook at this amazing man-made forest. Moreover, who can believe that it’s an artificial forest? Not, we at-least.

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Rainforest-Hotel-Rosemont-Dubai-Car-ParkingWhile the most amazing thing in the hotel will be its Luxurious car parking with a roof as a large screen. This screen will show nature and marine life depending upon the time.

Rainforest-Hotel-Rosemont-Dubai-Luxury-Car-ParkingIsn’t it amazing?

Rainforest-Hotel-Rosemont-Dubai-FeaturedWait! Don’t leave until you know about all the features of these two 47-story buildings. Furthermore, it will have a beautiful sky lobby on the 26th floor and an infinity sky pool.

Rainforest-Hotel-Rosemont-Dubai-TowersWhile, the other features include- a bowling alley, trampoline park, SPA, luxury cinema on the top floor, artificial beach, to name a few.

Rainforest-Hotel-Rosemont-Dubai-Night-viewAnd just look at the amazing night view of this “Rosemont Rainforest Hotel by ZAS Architecture in Dubai“. Its mesmerizing, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Start Saving now.

Also, let us know if you want to visit this “Rosemont Rainforest Hotel by ZAS Architecture in Dubai” anytime soon.



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