Meet Dmitry Lagun: An Artist Who Makes Handmade Fantasy Animals

We are sure that you would have imagined some Fantasy Animals in your sleep when you were a Kid because everybody does that. We used to imagine if horses could fly, dogs can sing and Birds can run, all of these things looked beautiful until the dreams got over. And while growing up, our imagination got lost somewhere and we started to behave as Adults.

Today, we are going to introduce you to Dmitry Lagun who is from Mahilyow, Belarus. The man is a very talented artist and he makes handcrafted Fantasy Animals from air dry clay. Look at these amazing fantasy animals and mythical creatures below.

Fantasy Animals & Mythical Creatures:


These mythical creatures are designed and handcrafted by the artist. Furthermore, he said, “They are one of a kind and made with love to a high standard using the best quality materials.”


Also, he added, “I love my work and i hope this reflects in each little character I make.”

Dmitry-Lagun-Fantasy-Animals-Sea-Creatue Dmitry-Lagun-Fantasy-Animals

Aren’t they amazing? And it completely reflects the artist’s imagination and creativity. These animals mostly size from 5-10 inches. Dmitry Lagun uses dry clay and a mixture of colors to make these fantasy creatures look real and full of life.

Dmitry-Lagun-Fantasy-Animals-Rabbit Dmitry-Lagun-Fantasy-Animals-Riding

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If you loved his work and wish to buy one, you can check out this link. And also, make sure to share this post with your loved ones.


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