DIY- Holder For Charging Mobile Phone, Made From Lotion Bottle

Finding a convenient place to stash your cell phone while it’s charging is a global problem. After all, more than 5.6 billion cellphones are in use worldwide. (If all of those phones were on a single bill, the total monthly usage would surpass 1 trillion minutes–or about 2 million years.). Are you facing the same problem? You don’t need to worry, we got a perfect solution for you. This DIY holder for charging mobile phone will cost you nuts and it is so easy to make, find out yourself:

DIY: Holder For Charging Mobile Phone:


Look at this beauty created from a simple lotion bottle.

Mobile-Bucket-3 Mobile-Bucket-4

From this to that, isn’t it amazing?


Now let’s start with these simple steps:

1. Take an empty Lotion Bottle. You can use any old lotion bottle.


2. Mark it like this. Use a simple pen or marker for this.


3. Now use Scissor/Cutter to cut the marked area. This step is little tricky, so be careful.


4. You will notice that the edges are sharp, so you can use Sandpaper to smooth the sides.


5. Glue some Art paper/Cloth like shown in the picture below and let it set for sometime.


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6. Your holder for Mobile Phone is ready to use.


Also, try making this Holder For Charging Mobile Phone at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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