Victor Enrich’s Digital Manipulations Of Buildings Are Simply Amazing

Do you know what happens when a freelance 3D architectural illustrator decide to quit his job? The brave and life-changing decision can give any man wings of imagination. The man who did this, in reality, is Victor Enrich and it took him 2 years to make that decision. A job that he was doing for over a decade and it was a well-paying job too. The buildings digital manipulations that we are going to show you today is actually his 7-year long journey from one country to another.

The below series of pictures shows us that imagination is all we need. If you are a creative person, then your work must have no boundaries at all. Yes, that’s the power of creativity. Have a look at some of the digital manipulations of buildings by Victor Enrich.

“I had plenty of clients and a well-paying job in Barcelona but it was repetitive and boring.”



“I found out that I had totally lost my motivation for it. Even I began to hate my work.”



“I then decided to start a new journey with little money in my pocket.”



“One good thing about long journeys is that one gets a lot of time to think.”



“I realised that I can’t further hate 3D architectural illustration.”



“That is when I decided to enjoy my work and make a living out of the idea coming out of my mind.”



“Today, the result is in front of all of you, a series of pictures (digital manipulations of buildings) called “City of Portraits”.”



“The project depicts buildings that are for some reason were a part of my long journey.”



These buildings were digitally manipulated to show one’s imagination.



“And this is all I have been doing for sometime now.”



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If you liked these digital manipulations of buildings by Victor Enrich, then make sure to check more of his work here(


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