This Is How A Cup Of Coffee Looks Like Around The World

We all are addicted to coffee, aren’t we? It is the only thing that keeps our eyes open for post-lunch hours and those boring office meetings. For some people, it is the love of their life; they can’t imagine their life without their favourite cup of coffee while other people can’t even wake up in the morning before they have a sip of this magical drink. Before you move on further, we just want to ask you a question that whether you know your favourite cup of coffee doesn’t look like same in different countries of the world?

If you don’t have any idea how the taste and look of a cup of coffee vary around the world then this article will be very informative for you. Today, we are showing what a cup of coffee looks like in different parts of the world.


1. Coffee With Garlic & Honey – Turkey


Sometimes referred to as ‘the old Moor’s recipe’, the coffee in Turkey contains garlic and honey just like a special cup of Tea.


2. Coffee With Orange – Jamaica


Having a unique taste, Jamaican Coffee is famous for mainly two ingredients – Slice of Orange and Rum.


3. Egg Coffee – Vietnam


If you order an Egg Coffee in Vietnam, you will get something you would have never seen in your life. The main ingredients in the drink are Egg yoke, Condensed milk and normal Coffee.


4. Espresso – Italy


This is the most common variety of coffee; the only difference is that it is served with a slice of lemon. According to authoritative coffee expert John Beans, the best coffee beans with a high Arabica content are required to make canonical espresso.


5. Frappé – Greece


You can have this cold form of coffee at different parts of the world; commonly called as Frappé.


6. Lagrima – Argentina


If you are not a fan of strong coffee, then you would love the Argentinian form of Coffee. Just a small portion of coffee is added to the milk and that’s why the coffee looks more like milk only.


7. Lapland Coffee – Finland


A piece of local cheese is placed in the cup of coffee before the drink is poured in it.


8. Pharisäer – Germany


The main ingredients here are Rum, Whipped Cream and Coffee and it is specially made in family gatherings.


9. Spiced Coffee – Morocco


Just a like a spicy tea, Moroccan coffee includes sesame seeds, black pepper and other spices; thus creating a strong drink.


10. Bonbon Coffee – Spain


A perfect blend of an Expresso with added condensed milk makes this cup of coffee something special.

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Do let us know if you ever had a cup of coffee in other parts of the world? Also, leave us a comment telling your experience about the same.


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