10 Creepy Nail Fails That Prove Being Over-Creative Is Also Bad

We all know that how much women love to experiment with their looks, hairs and most importantly their nails. You may have read hundreds of articles on the Internet showing a woman’s creativity with different nail paint patterns and designs but sometimes excess creativity can also prove bad to you. To prove the fact, we have collected some pictures of the creepy Nail fails which are excessively creative and that’s their only fault. We are sure that the below creepy Nail fails will make you cringe and say WTF.

These over-smart women went ahead with their creativity and the result is nothing but some ugly nail fails. If you are a woman, then we advise you to stop being over creative with your nails and if you are a man, we advise you to stop your lady before she makes the big blunder. Let’s have a look at some of the creepy nail fails.

1. We think that this woman loves to play puzzles.


2. This is how you can carry weapons for your safety all the time.


3. It can’t get creepier than this one.


4. We wish we could have seen the face of this over-the-top creative lady.


5. We thought that Velour was only used in clothing line until we saw this.


6. No doubt, these are the cutest nail fails of all time.


7. These creepy nails are guaranteed to give you some serious nightmares.


8. We just wanted to get our hands on the inspiration behind these weird nails.


9. These nails are surely inspired by some scary Werewolves.


10. Just make sure that you don’t miss the little rat on the nail. 


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Do let us know if you have seen any worst nail fails in your life? Also, share it with your female friends so that they can know what it means to be over-creative.



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