10 Creepy Cakes That Are Not For The Faint Hearted

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a cake? The answer may be its sweetness, softness and design. What if tell you there are some insane bakers that make such creepy cakes that will freak you out? These creepy cakes might be sweet and delicious but believe us after seeing these cakes you would not want to eat them. The bakers shaped these cakes like the human organs like eyes, ears and brain. We wonder that after seeing these creepy realistic cakes who would want them?

Although there is no doubt that these cakes are nothing but pure art. But, there is one thing for sure that no one would want to eat these cakes. We have collected some pictures of the creepiest cakes and you need to decide whether you want to eat them or not?

1. Looks like the baker wanted to be some sort of surgeon.


2. Who wants an eye and an ear as a desert?


3. Believe it or not, these creepy cakes are completely vegetarian.


4. We are sure that nobody on this planet will find these cakes delicious.


5. Who so ever has ordered this cake for their loved ones, is going to be in trouble.


6. If you think that you need some extra brain, then do try this ugly-looking cake.


7. The baker who has made this creepy cake is totally insane.


8. If you are expecting twins, then make sure that you don’t buy this type of cake to celebrate.


9. That’s not how you make the announcement of your pregnancy.


10. The baker took the meaning of “The food is so delicious that I wanna eat my hands” so seriously.


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So next time you are going to celebrate anything, make sure that you don’t order creepy cakes. Also, if you haven’t seen cakes like this in your life, share this post to amaze your friends.


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