8 Creative Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, it seems like your boyfriend already owns everything he could ever ask for. It’s no doubt, gift shopping is hard, even when you know him so well; how do you know what the man in your life really wants? If you’re searching for the perfect birthday, holiday, or anniversary present for him, look no further. We have creative gift ideas to please every type of boyfriend, from the beer drinker to the camping man.


1. Bluetooth Headphones


You can’t go wrong with headphones. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are perfect for the man who likes to work out or likes to listen to music while he’s at home or work. They fit over-the-ear, but they aren’t big and bulky like normal headphones. They’re sweat-resistant, super-portable, and they are proven to not fall or slip off when he moves.

He can listen for up to 12 hours on a single charge. In addition, he can put his phone down and walk up to several meters away without losing his music. This pair is $29.99.


2. Moustache Beer Glasses


For the beer lover (or the moustache lover), these pint glasses are a gift you can enjoy together. If you want beer-inspired gift ideas for your boyfriend, you can’t go wrong with a four-piece set of moustache glasses. This set, each complete with a unique fancy moustache, is $22.40. Discover other unique creative gift ideas on Ten Gift Ideas.


3. 3-in-1 Shaker Bottle


If your man works out religiously, don’t pass up this special shaker bottle. It’s a regular water bottle, with a storage compartment for his pre-workout, protein powder, supplement, or meal replacement shake. The best part: when he’s ready for a protein shake, he can press a button on the bottle to release the powder into the water. Then, all he has to do is shake well and drink up!

This BPA-free, leak-proof bottle comes in three colours. Find it online for $19.99.


4. Tattoo Money Jar


We all know someone who seems to get a new tattoo once a month. If your boyfriend can’t stop talking about his next tat, but he needs a little help saving up for it, get him this cute (yet manly) tattoo fund jar. Give him a head start by filling it halfway with spare change and a few bills! Get it for $9.95.


5. Man Cave Sign


So he’s got a specified room of the house where he plays video games, watches sports, and drinks beer. He needs a sign that says “man cave”!

This sign comes personalized with your boyfriend’s name, making it an extra-special gift for him. It’s currently being sold for $15.99.


6. Guitar Pick Wallet


Do you need gift ideas for your musically-inclined boyfriend? If he plays the guitar, he needs this high-quality guitar pick wallet. It has flaps for cash, cards, and guitar picks, so he can have a pick on him whenever he needs one. Choose between an array of rustic-coloured leather, with options for personalized initial or name stamps. The leather is saddle-grade and will last him a lifetime. Depending on what type of option you choose, prices range between $70-142.


7. Where Chefs Eat


If he’s a cook or he loves to travel, he’s going to love Where Chefs Eat. Wherever he goes– in the country or worldwide, in 70 different countries– he’ll have over 4,500 expert restaurant recommendations by over 650 professional chefs. He’ll bring this guide wherever he goes, and rest assured that he’ll never dine in a subpar restaurant. Get the newest version for $33.78.


8. Pop-Up Tent


For the outdoorsy boyfriend or the festival goer, a pop-up tent is a perfect gift. This Sundome tent can hold four people and can be assembled in only ten minutes! Depending on your boyfriend’s needs, you may also order the tent with two sleeping bags, or with a can of seam sealer. He’ll be sure to get years of camping out of this thoughtful gift. Find it online for $64.99.

We get it: gifts can be hard to find, especially when you feel like you’ve exhausted all of your options with every other birthday, holiday, and anniversary. As unique as your boyfriend is, though, you can find plenty of heartfelt, unique gift ideas for him, whether he’s a gamer, a gym rat, or a chef.

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If you want some more ideas, here is a complete list of about 60 gift ideas for any person in your life.


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