Coronavirus Quarantine: 10 Things You Should Do While Trapped Inside Your Home

Not sure how to pass the days during these uncertain times? Check out this guide to make your quarantine and social distancing experience as relaxing and activity-packed as possible, in spite of all the stress.

1. Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Enjoy a cultural experience at home by taking a virtual tour of any number of museums around the world. The British Museum, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb and L.A., and the Museum of Modern Art in N.Y. are just some museums keeping their virtual doors open.

2. Livestream a Musical Performance

Craving to go out dancing? Artists around the world are performing on live broadcasts for free, from major artists to underground DJs.

3. Workout

Just because it’s not possible to go to the gym or run outside doesn’t mean exercise should be on pause. There are countless fitness apps and YouTube videos for at-home exercises, from yoga and pilates to HIIT and strength training.

4. Spring Clean the Home

There’s no excuse to stay in a messy home during the quarantine. Clean out closets, organize drawers, file documents, de-clutter and deep clean everywhere.

5. Have Movie Marathons

It’s easy to accidentally binge-watch Netflix all day. Instead of watching series, have themed movie marathons. Make a list of all the year’s award-winning films like the best picture or best director winners.

6. Start Practicing Self-Care

Consider quarantine time to take a break and recharge. Start meditating and reflect on all there is to be grateful for. Get a foam roller and work out tired muscles. Take relaxing baths, practice a multi-step skincare routine that takes time, treat yourself to manicures and pedicures, and enjoy some aromatherapy.

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7. Play Actual Games

Staring at a phone all day is bad for the eyes, and clasping it is hard on the hands. Instead of playing games online, put down the phone and play actual games. Putting together a puzzle or completing a crossword puzzle will make time fly. Play board games or cards with family or roommates, or have fun with a coloring book.

8. Learn Something New

Now is a great time to learn something new. Use an app or an online platform to learn a new language. Watch YouTube videos to learn how to knit or do a craft. Learn how to cook recipes using new ingredients.

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9. Create a Drink Tasting

Who says drink tastings are a social affair? Create an at-home wine or beer tasting of whatever bottles are lying around. Gain a new-found appreciation for coffee by studying the type and amount of beans used, the temperature of the water, and how long it brews for. Make note if a thoughtful process makes a difference in the taste of the coffee.

10. Give the Home a Makeover

Don’t get bored with the same surroundings. Spending too much time in the same place gets monotonous. Give the home a makeover by re-staging furniture and changing up the placement of decor. Conquer a repair to-do list and take care of whatever household fixes have been procrastinated.


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