10 Comic Strips That Depicts The Difference Between Heart And Brain

Every time we have to take an important decision, our heart and brain are not in sync. If our heart points to the left then our brain always show us the right door. We always get confused between heart and brain, don’t we? That is because of the fact that there is a huge difference between heart and brain, the way both of these body part works are completely different. No matter how right one is, the other will always oppose the first.

Here we have some new comic strips that depict everyday struggle of heart and brain. These comic strips by theawkwardyeti.com will tell you the exact scenarios in which we get trapped daily. We often don’t know if we need to follow our brain or our heart and these comic strips beautifully describe why is it always a tough decision for us. Let’s check out these amazing comic strips and enjoy our everyday struggles.

1. Now, you know the real reason behind your shopping bills.Difference-Between-Heart-Brain

2. Somebody needs some answer.Difference-Between-Heart-Brain-2

3. Talking about the illusion.Difference-Between-Heart-Brain-7

4. Whenever you decide to go for a walk.Difference-Between-Heart-Brain-8

5. Every time your brain scream at your heart to be ‘Practical’.Difference-Between-Heart-Brain-22

6. This comic strip describes the clear difference between the two.

7. Want to enjoy or want to work? completely your decision.Difference-Between-Heart-Brain-6

8. Now you know who usually run away from all the household work.Difference-Between-Heart-Brain-5

9. Don’t know if only we can relate to this or you too?Difference-Between-Heart-Brain-4

10. Whenever we feel alone, our heart and brain are like this.Difference-Between-Heart-Brain-10

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So, have you enjoyed these amazing comic strips and also, let us know if you loved these cute struggles between the heart and brain? If you liked this post, share it with your friends and loved ones.


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