Presenting You All The New Season Of Comedy Nights

If you are a big fan of Comedy Nights with Kapil, and you are missing him on Colors T.V. And moreover, you would have been missing your favorite cast of Sunil Grover, Ali Azgar and Kiku. Don’t worry we got a surprise for you. While the video which we are going to share today is hosted by a politician turned comedian- Rahul Gandhi.

Yeah! you heard it right, this special episode of Comedy Nights with Rahul Gandhi will make you go ROFL. Now, this time Rahul Gandhi will make you laugh and we bet that even Kapil Sharma can’t beat him in his own game. Though Rahul Gandhi is a politician, but he is the most funniest of them all. His comic timing is so awesome that you would wish that the next season of Comedy Nights is hosted by Rahul Gandhi. Now, you see and decide yourself:

Are You Already Missing “Comedy Nights with Kapil”, then Watch out this New Season of the Franchise:

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If you already watched the video and you are not laughing hard, then you might need some medical examination. Moreover, this video went viral because its Hilarious. Projected as the future of India and the future Prime Minister by the Congress Party, Mr. Gandhi should realize that his talent is in comedy shows like these. In addition, we hope that he realize the fact soon and change his profession. Also, Make sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel- Ground Zero.


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