10 Cartoon Illustrations That Perfectly Depict The Joy Of Living Alone

Living Alone is one of the best experience to have. Although living on your own is a difficult task because you are on your own when you are happy or sad. You have no one to take care of you but living alone makes you strong and independent, both emotionally and financially. You realise what actually makes you happy or sad. You become the master of your own destiny; you become confident of your success and start admitting your mistakes. More or less it’s something to be thankful for.

These days all the youngsters have to move to other towns in search of jobs and establish their careers. Most of them have no choice other than to become self-dependent and enjoy the freedom. An L.A based artist, Yaoyao Ma Van As has created some beautiful comic illustrations that perfectly describes the joy of living alone. If you are living alone, you can very well relate to these comic illustrations given below.


1. You are on your own when it comes to grocery shopping.



2. You can cook whatever you want and creating a mess is not a problem. 



3. You don’t have to show manners to anyone while having your favourite food.



4. You can stay in the shower as long as you want.



5. Happy or Sad, you are on your own.



6. You can involve yourself in work whenever you want.



7. Cleaning the house whenever you want is a bliss.



8. Nothing can replace the joy of choosing what to wear today.



9. You can be at peace whenever you want.



10. You can unleash your imagination and creativity anytime.


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