Building Your Brand with Custom Labels and Stickers

Creating a successful brand is hard work. You have to develop your image, modify it constantly to fit your market, and somehow convince potential consumers to trust you. Generating a persistent presence in their mind is even more difficult and expensive. One of the most often overlooked ways to do this is with custom stickers tied to your brand. Read on to learn the benefits of sticker marketing and why you should give it a try to promote your brand.


Stickers Are Personal

Modern consumers and especially young consumers are always looking for ways to signal their identity. They love customizing and accessorizing their possessions. Branded stickers are one of the best ways to incorporate your products with this desire.

Laptops, water bottles, suitcases, and tons of other things are often covered with different stickers. If you can create an eye-catching image paired with your logo there’s a good chance people will run with it.

This has the added benefit of generating organic exposure. Influencers, social media ‘stars’, and generally trendy people often use stickers to accessorize their things. Getting one of your rad stickers noticed in a viral video is a great way to score some free publicity.

Endless Customization

Not sure what you want your company logo to be yet? Don’t worry about it! One of the biggest benefits of ordering your own stickers is how endlessly customizable and affordable they are.

You can choose from a wide variety of materials, such as vinyl, paper, and matte, clear, or even UV lamination. Once you’ve got your material down you can pick out literally thousands of different shapes and sizes.

That’s just the foundation of effective sticker marketing. One of the best ways to test out different logo ideas is to order limited runs of several different designs. Many companies offer same day sticker printing services so you can rapidly prototype different styles.

Respond Rapidly

In the past placing an order for branded material was a really big deal. You had to know exactly what you wanted, hit a huge minimum unit size, and place your order weeks or months in advance.

With modern manufacturing and the speed of digital design software, same day sticker printing is finally a reality. You can go from submitting a design to checking out the finished product in just a few hours.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for branding and promotional giveaways. If you’re at a major convention or another event you can customize your stickers to something memorable that happened there.

You can also quickly order a new run of stickers if they’re a hit or switch it up if the last batch just didn’t cut it.

Create Brand Excitement

The jury verdict is in, Millenials love stickers. It’s that combination of nostalgia and the desire to identify with the brands they trust that really drives them wild for high-quality stickers.

If you can create something buzz-worthy they’ll reward you with social media shares and in-person recommendations. Depending on your product that can be worth more than all the paid for traditional marketing in the world.

Freebies, Add-ons, and Customer Appreciation

Everyone loves getting something for free. If you’re heading to a convention or event having high-quality stickers to hand out is a great way to build buzz.

Another excellent use for your branded stickers is as a free giveaway with your products. If customers love your products and take a liking to the awesome design on your sticker they’re likely to put it somewhere and show it off.

Stickers are also a great way to add value to your online or brick and mortar shop. Offer a promo that allows customers to choose from several add-on stickers for free if they hit a minimum purchase amount. It costs a lot less than something like free shipping but still shows your customers that you care about providing value to them.

Innovate Ceaselessly

Effective branding is a constantly shifting landscape. The rules of the game change on a weekly basis and methods that were golden last year may be completely discredited now. Branded stickers hit that sweet spot of persistence, cool factor, and low cost that make them an excellent complementary branding tactic.


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