Amazon Is In Big Trouble For Selling Doormats With Hindu Gods Images On It

E-commerce Giant Amazon came in real trouble last week, when it had doormats for sale that have images of Hindu God and Goddess printed on them. Soon after the news, Boycott Amazon started trending on all social media networks.


The Situation became even worse when people discovered Christian as well Islamic Gods pictures printed on Doormats at Amazon.


But, Amazon is not entirely responsible for the whole incident as it was not the direct seller of these doormats. Amazon is just a platform through which, Rock Bull, the retailer, use for selling its products online. And if you look closely, retailer had the history to sell items with religious images on it, like cell phone cases, back covers, mouse pads and many other.

Soon after the news broke out, Amazon removed most of the products that were upsetting people. But, the damage was done and Boycott Amazon started trending on Twitter and people were uninstalling their App.


#BoycottAmazon started trending.




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