20 Best Places To Visit In India That Are Too Beautiful

There are various unexplored sights and natural attractions present at different corners of India. India is truly a beautiful and magical place, from north to south and east to west. You can find snow-capped mountains in the north and exotic beaches in the south. With a wide variety of delicious food, there is nothing you will miss in India. There are so many attractions in the country that probably you will need a year or so to visit all of these places. We have made the work easy for you as we have listed down some of the most amazing and beautiful places to visit in India. Visiting these places should be the most amazing experience and a lifetime memory for one. Here is a list of best places to visit in India:

Best Places to Visit in India:

1. Sunset on Brahmaputra RiverBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-17

2. Frozen Lakes of HimalayasBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-6

3. Islands of LakshadweepBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-9

4. Natural Beauty of Western GhatsBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-12

5. Ghats of VaranasiBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-8

6. Mangrove Forest of SundarbansBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-11

7. Shimmers on Ladakh LakesBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-15

8. Astonishing Waterfalls in ShillongBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-14

9. Wildlife in Kanha National ParkBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-10

10. Night in The Thar DesertBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-13

11. Backwaters of KeralaBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-20

12. Exotic Beaches of GoaBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-2

13. Snow Clad Mountains of ManaliBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-16

14. Forest of North EastBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-7

15. Temples of Bhubaneswar CityBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-3

16. Trek to Valley of FlowersBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-19

17. Tranquil Hills of KodaikanalBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-18

18. Araku Valley on Eastern GhatsBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-1

19. Colors of Sea at KanyakumariBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-4

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20. Tea Gardens of DarjeelingBest-Places-To-Visit-In-India-5

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