The Best Ketogenic Drinks (#5 Is Truly Jaw-Dropping!)

The quick weight-loss capability of a keto diet is one of the formidable reasons why many people are so into it. With only a minimal amount of exercise, full ketosis can help you shed some pounds!

A ketogenic diet requires a low intake of carbohydrate. Therefore, at the very least, the first things that you need to avoid are drinks and beverages. After all, most of the commercial concoctions today have high calorie and sugar content.

Fortunately, there are still options out there are safe for keto. Check out these cool and refreshing ketogenic drinks.


Tea and Coffee


Drinking coffee and tea are quite beneficial for a keto diet. Since these two drinks don’t have high sugar content (given that you wouldn’t add one), taking them on a daily basis should not cause some worries.

Aside from this fact, these liquids can provide the boost and alertness that your body needs. Always remember that a low-carb diet can leave you reeling, as you don’t have enough calories. Taking coffee in the morning, for instance, can give the jumpstart to keep on going.




As long as the sugar content has been drastically reduced, drinking juice is entirely okay for anyone who is in a keto diet. However, there are some guidelines that you should follow for this.

One should avoid drinking fruit juice. Sadly, for a keto diet, that’s something that you have to do. You see, many fruit variants contain many carbohydrates. If you turn them into juice, you are maximizing the number of carbs that they can give. An apple juice, for example, can have around 25 grams of carbs. As a result, some keto experts bluntly discourage them.

Lucky for you, there are still commercial juices out there that have reduced sugar and calorie contents. The best thing that you can do is to inspect their labels to ensure that you can get the right one for you.




Your health requirements are not discarded in a keto diet. What the diet wants you to do is to ensure that you have to restrict your sugar and carbohydrate intakes. In fact, some fruit smoothies are quite acceptable here.

Just like I said earlier, most fruits are rich in carbohydrates. However, some options can veer away from the rest. For a ketogenic smoothie, what you need are fruits like spinach and berries because they are low in carbs. You should also include yoghurt or avocados. These two are excellent sources of healthy fats.

Of course, if you want to include milk, make sure that it is low carb. A good example of this is nut milk. Such a blend will give you the essential nutrients that your body needs. You can use a macronutrient calculator for keto so that you can the best recipes that can provide the most nourishment.


Energy Drinks


A lot of us resort to energy drinks whenever our batteries are running low. However, the moment we shifted to a keto diet, we became reluctant toward it. Is it safe to consume energy drinks if your body is undergoing full ketosis?

In the preface, it is true that energy drinks sold today contain much sugar. Their sugar level is higher than sodas. Consuming them on a daily basis would break the ketosis of your body. That’s not a good thing at all.

However, not all energy drinks have the same composition. Some of them are made for fitness and workout. Those low carb energy drinks that are being advertised today are real. However, make sure that you inspect their labels and see if they can violate your daily carbohydrate restrictions.




If you are not sure about anything, just drink water. Water, by all means, is the safest option for a keto diet. Those who have been in this diet for a long time can attest the importance of water and why it is the only liquid that you need.

Water doesn’t contain carbs. However, it can still effectively nourish your body. Sipping eight glasses of water in a day is more than enough to support your body’s metabolism.

If you can’t stand the bland taste of water, you can opt for inclusions like herbs and natural flavourings. Lemon juice and honey are good candidates that can spice up the texture and flavour of our most beloved liquid.


Wrapping it Up

Ketogenic diet requires constant monitoring of the things that you consume. A person who wants to achieve full ketosis must fully understand that discipline is the key. One should be able to avoid anything that is prohibited in this diet.

Let me reiterate that sugar, calorie, and carb are not suited for a keto diet. They would hamper the natural weight loss process. Therefore, you should update your menu and ensure that all the items there won’t impede your lifestyle.

Did you learn from this article? If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.



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