Rub Your Eyes After Seeing These Photoshopped Pictures Of Celebrities

Have your tried all the methods in the world to look exactly like those beautiful celebrities? But still there is something missing, right? That something would probably be a software called ‘Photoshop’. We bet 99% of the celebrity images on the internet are photoshopped pictures of celebrities. Because it’s not possible to have everything perfect (glowing skin, perfect figure, shining hair). While these celebrities have a powerful weapon in their arsenal, and its called as Photoshop. Today, we got some of the surprising photoshopped pictures of celebrities and believe us when we say that you will rub your eyes after watching those. Check out below.

1. Beyonce


Now, you know the secret of that flawless skin, its ‘Photoshop’. Next time, don’t buy any fairness cream instead use ‘Photoshop’.

2. Cindy Crawford


Even with Photoshop you can go back in time and look younger. Isn’t it a magical portal?

3. Natalie Portman


Our favourite actress Natalie doesn’t look that cute without Photoshop.

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4. Angelina Jolie


While those who say even time can’t make Angelina Jolie look old, they need to see these photoshopped pictures of Celebrities.

5. Kim Cattrall


Look at the wrinkles on her own face before and after Photoshop.

6. Eva Mendes


Now, you know the secret of those fabulous beauties on Magazine Covers.

7. Kristen Stewart


Photoshop also can give you Swag and Attitude. Look at these surprising Photoshopped pictures of Celebrities.

8. Madonna


Age has taken a lot from the old Pop singer. But, even time can’t mess with Photoshop.

9. Katy Perry


See these before and after Photoshop effects. We suppose there is an effect in Photoshop ‘Diamond Skin’.

10. Britney Spears


Pop Singer and actress, Britney Spears doesn’t look that hot now but Photoshop is the God of this beauty that makes her look the same.

11. Avril Lavigne


Have you ever heard about Photoshop Genie that can grant you any wish? Now, you know where to find them.

12. Megan Fox


Often called as the Hottest Actress in the Hollywood, Megan Fox is not that hot. Is she?

13. Candice Huffine


Even Photoshop can reduce your weight too. So, forget about those magical pills, instead, try ‘Photoshop’. Have these photoshopped pictures of Celebrities inspired you?

14. Selena Gomez


Never mind, she looks beautiful even without Photoshop. She’s a true beauty.

15. Justin Beiber


Quite frankly, we also don’t know what Justin Beiber is doing in this list with all those women. But, see Photoshop has given some more man power:-D.

Also, let us know which of these photoshopped pictures of celebrities amazed you? And make sure to share this post with your friends.


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