Banned Bollywood Movies That You Must Watch

Recently, we saw that many things have come up against the current Censor Board. CBFC were on a spree to ban Bollywood Movies, but in this process they have banned Bollywood movies that are pure gem. But, these are the movies that are a must watch for every Bollywood lover. Check them out.

Banned Bollywood Movies:

1. UnfreedomBanned-Bollywood-Movies-Unfreedom

Unfreedom is basically based on two parallel plots. While in New York a Muslim fundamentalist kidnaps a liberal Muslim scholar with an intent to kill him, a homosexual girl in Delhi kidnaps her bisexual lover. The film was initially advised cuts by CBFC which the director refused and  appealed to the Tribunal. Sadly, at last it was completely banned.

2. The Painted HouseBanned-Bollywood-Movies-The-Painted-House

The Malayalam film is based on the life of a writer, who gets entangled into complicated circumstances and his beliefs about himself are about to be tested. Surprisingly, this film didn’t even deal with any ‘sensitive subject’, yet it got banned.

3. The Pink MirrorBanned-Bollywood-Movies-The-Pink-Mirror

The film focuses on two transsexuals and a gay teenager who wants to seduce a man. The film’s plot is a perfect excuse for CBFC to ban it.

4. Chatrak (Mushrooms)Banned-Bollywood-Movies-Chatrak-1

The Bengali film was in a lot of controversy. There is one scene in the film with frontal nudity which ultimately was the cause behind its Ban.

5. GanduBanned-Bollywood-Movies-Gandu

The Bengali film was basically a rap musical which captures the complicated life of the protagonist who is referred to as ‘Gandu’ by others. Even though the film received great critical acclaim abroad, including the Berlin International Film Festival and many other Film Festivals, it was banned in India.

6. Hava Aney DeyBanned-Bollywood-Movies-Hava-Aney-Dey

The film has parallel plots while on one hand India is facing a war with Pakistan, while a teenage middle-class boy is trying to fix his life in the suburbs of Mumbai. The Censor Board suggested close to 21 cuts in the film, which the makers refused. At last, the film got banned.

7. PaanchBanned-Bollywood-Movies-Paanch

Here’s another Anurag Kashyap film which was banned by the Censor Board in India. The Censor Board had issues with the film’s sexual content, and hence the film received a ban from CBFC.

8. Mohalla AssiBanned-Bollywood-Movies-Mohalla-Assi

Starring Sakshi Tanwar and Sunny Deol, the film is based on the inhabitants of the famous neighborhood in holy city-Varanasi, and it explores the commercialization of the holy city and the foreigner tourists are being fooled there. Censor board also banned this movie because of the abusive content.






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