If Animal Balloon Sculpting Is An Art Than This Artist Is A Genius At It

Masayoshi Matsumoto is a Japanese balloon artist which creates Balloon sculpting like a pro. He said “I use the technique of blowing and twisting to create animals, plant life and insects using only balloons.”. Art of Balloon Sculpting is a no easy job, it takes a pure genius like him to pull it off. From our childhood, we all loved to play with balloons but nobody took it serious like him.

Witness these creative and beautiful balloon sculptings that will surely amaze you like anything:

Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-0 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-12 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-11 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-10 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-9 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-8 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-7 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-6 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-5 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-4 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-3 Animals-Balloon-Sculpting-2

If you like his work, please share it with your friends and family. You can also check out more of his work at tumblr.



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