Audi Concept Car- Audi Shark That Will Change The Future Of Automobile

What comes to your mind when you heard the term “Concept Car“? Basically, Concept Car is a car or car design made to showcase new styling and future technology. Mostly, Concept cars or their designs are shown at famous motor shows to gauge customer reaction to future designs. Famous Automobile company ‘Audi’ has been showing ‘Audi Concept Car‘ in every famous Car shows in the World. In addition, recently they have introduced a new Audi Concept Car named ‘Audi Shark‘. Name of the designer is Kazim Doku. Believe us when we say that it is the car of the future. While it looks like a sports car, it has all the comforts of a modern car. Check out the futuristic car below.

Audi Concept Car- Audi Shark:

Designer Doku credits his success to a lifelong love of car design and “watching the automotive industry, carrying the designs to the computer screen.

Furthermore, he added Before I designed this Audi concept car- The Audi Shark, I had thought that it should both have stripes of the Audi brand and should be different from the other cars. The Audi Shark will be the perfect car of the future. That’s why The Shark has been designed both with the future technology and today’s conditions. The Shark shows difference from today’s cars in terms of its unique design and technology. It carries the qualifications of today’s technology and at the same time it takes the attention about its structure of a plane and a motorcycle in details.

While the Audi Shark is a flying vehicle. A two-seater flying car was inspired by the designs of the motorcycle and the airplane combined. With sleek shark-look, the lights are made of transparent tubes, sporty seats and cockpit-like interior design.

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There are paddles on the back of the shark which provides balance and control at high speeds, while the front head lights and back tail lights are designed specifically to fit the Audi brand. The interior design is also unique. The seats are designed with maximum comfort in mind. While LED lights comes from their S5 model, but the rear-hinged glass cockpit and air foils is surely a technology of the future.

Also, let us know if you think that this Audi Concept Car- Audi Shark will change the future of the cars when it comes to the real market.


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