Real Life Human Emojis Are So Horrifying But Are Designed For A Cause

We all use emojis in our conversations daily whether it’s Facebook or Whatsapp. Recently, there has been an edition in the number of emojis, be it shape and the colour of the emojis. Today, we are showing you some real life Human Emojis that look so creepy that it will make your cringe. Although these real life human emojis look horrifying but they are designed for a noble cause.

Human Emojis


These terrifying images of the emojis are the property of an ad agency Rosapark for a group called Innocence en Danger, an international non-profit organisation who fights against the sexual abuse of children.


These images are designed to warn parents and young people about the adult human perverts online. Headlines of the images say, “Who’s really talking with your child on the Internet?”


These real life human emojis have made the traditional emojis so un-cute. Be a part of this campaign and spread the awareness.

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Source: Gizmodo.


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