Can You Answer This Simple Question In Under 10 Seconds?

While most of the maths problem and puzzles require lots of concentration and skills to solve them. But, the problem that we are going to share today is rather a simple one. Although solving this question shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds for a normal person, let’s see if you find the answer to this simple question in under 10 seconds? If you are ready for the challenge, then look at the simple question below.


*Answer to this simple question is not 6*

Although it looks like a pretty simple problem and the first answer that will come to your mind is 6 but sorry to disappoint you, your answer is wrong. Going by the pattern, the answer needs to be 6 but it’s not the case. C’mon, concentrate and try to find the answer. Put some pressure on your brain cells and relate this simple question to your surroundings.


If you are reading this line, then it’s obvious that you were not able to find out the answer to this simple question. Let us give you one more hint, the answer lies with the car you drive. If you still didn’t get it, then check out the answer below.

Correct Answer is ‘R’


Yes, you read that right, the answer is ‘R’, it is a common five-speed gearshift. Let’s be honest and tell us, did you get that right under 10 seconds?

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Well, now you can say that every simple question is not that easy. Share this post with your friends to find out if they can solve the problem.


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