Love Nature? See These Beautiful Nature Tattoos By An Artist Pis Saro

If you are someone who is going to get inked soon and also, you are in love with nature, wild animals and flowers, then you need to check out the work of this artist. Before you decide your next tattoo design, you need to see the work of Pis Saro. Pis Saro, a native of Crimea, who imagines delicate and poetic flower arrangements. She makes amazing and beautiful nature tattoos that reflect the nature’s beauty and wildlife animals. Without wasting further time, check out these beautiful nature tattoos below.

Amazing Nature Tattoos – Pis Saro:

#1 Look at her amazing work.Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-12

#2 So clean and beautiful.Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-10

#3 Most beautiful whale you will ever see.Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-9

#4 What’s better than this tattoo?Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-3

#5 Isn’t this one amazing?Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro

She told Illusion Magazine, what drives her to create flower tattoos. “The mood of my art changes with the seasons.” Furthermore, she added “I grow flowers and watch them attentively, looking at each fractal detail in petals and leaves. They’re not as simple as they seem! I like to study plants, animals, and birds of different countries, too, always searching for new ideas.”

#6 Who doesn’t want to get inked now?Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-2

#7 Hats off to the artist.Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-8

#8 Best nature tattoos.Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-7

#9 Look at these flower decorations.Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-5

#10 Amazing, isn’t it?Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-4

#11 So beautiful.Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-11

Furthermore, she added “Traveling is a huge part of my life. So far, in 2016, I’ve been to Turkey, Lebanon, Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic, and next will be Switzerland… My husband and I are happy to travel in any condition, without money or comfort. In nature, everything is perfect.”

#12 Looking for more? Check out her Instagram Account.Beautiful-Nature-Tattoos-Pis-Saro-13

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