20 Aerial Photographs That Show You Another Side Of The Famous Cities

You may have travelled a lot and you may have seen a lot of cities but you surely wouldn’t have seen the famous cities of the world from above. We usually see the cities from the ground(unless you are travelling in an aeroplane) and it doesn’t allow us to appreciate the beauty of our planet. Today, we will be sharing with you some of the stunning aerial photographs of the famous cities of the world from around with world.

A group of Russian photographers called AirPano gives us the pleasure to see the aerial photographs of the cities and believe us, the sight will make you go speechless. These aerial photographs are like nothing you’ve ever seen in your life.

1. New Delhi, India

2. Barcelona, Spain

3. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE🌇Дубай, ОАЭ

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4. Paris, France

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We love Amsterdam, and it is always a pleasure, even on a rainy day, which is not rare here, to stroll along the canals, admiring sailing boats, trying famous warm Stroopwafel with caramel, and enjoying the sound of the church bells. The residents of the city are very friendly and helpful, so no need to be afraid of getting lost, they will always help you find your way. Each year around four-and-a-half million tourists visit Amsterdam, which is about five times more than the city’s population. Amsterdam is definitely one of the cities where you want to go back! #airpano #aerial #awesomeearthpics #city #cityscape #architecture #architecturelovers #architecturephotography #discoverglobe #awesomeearth #photooftheday #travelamsterdam

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6. Prambanan, Indonesia

7. Seattle, USA

8. Siena, Italy

9. Budapest, Hungary

10. Cancun, Mexico

11. Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

12. Venice, Italy

13. Madrid, Spain

14. Vienna, Austria

15. Rome, Italy

16. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

17. Berlin, Germany

18. Toronto, Canada

19. Mexico City, Mexico

20. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dubai, UAE🌇Дубай, ОАЭ

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Sources: airpano.com | Instagram.

H/T: Boredpanda.


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