8 Must-Know Office Management Tips for New Office Managers

In the 2018 occupational outlook, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics established that the number of administrative service managers jobs was 300,200, with a projected growth of 7% by 2028. Office managers are some of the most central occupations in a functioning office. The office managers plan, coordinate and control the office activities.

If you’re an office manager, the idea of being in charge of an office can seem overwhelming. Yet, office management is one of the careers that can prove fulfilling.

Are you a new office manager wondering how to go about your job? Here are crucial office management tips that will set you up for greatness.

1. Set Realistic Goals for Your Team

Goals create a purpose for office employees. It is essential to have clear organizational and individual goals. With a set purpose in mind, employees will feel motivated.

The goals should be achievable enough to inspire members. The accomplishment of goals makes the workforce more productive. What’s more, it becomes easier to review the performance of team members against set goals.

As an office manager, it is prudent to evaluate the workers when setting expectations to be met by each. Request for honest feedback to know whether the goals are realistic. The last thing you want is to set goals that will frustrate your team.

2. Plan Your Weekly Calendar

If you don’t plan, failure is imminent. It would help to plan your calendar weekly. From there, you can confirm whether you have achieved it after each workday.

You need to make a holistic plan that will complement your short and long-term goals. With weekly planning, it is easier to see ahead. You can take some hours off on the weekend to make the plan.

Planning your week requires discipline, diligence, and organization. The schedule will make the days ahead have a better structure. Consequently, you’ll be in a position to manage your time, which is an admirable trait for an office manager.

3. Improve Your Communication Skills

Any management role requires topnotch communication skills. An office management job needs you to lead meetings and even represent your office in functions. As such, having the right set of communication skills will prove useful in and out of the office.

If you don’t have the appropriate communication skills, attend training if you need to. Volunteer at events and networks as necessary. Constant practice will make you become a better communicator.

With the advancement in ICT, you need skills that will help you navigate through meeting room management and other software. Focus on equipping your oral and verbal communication skills, besides orienting yourself to the available software.

4. Think Innovatively

Learning how to manage an office effectively requires innovative thinking. Office managers need to embrace innovative thinking, particularly when solving problems. An innovative mindset will save you from the inevitable frustrations, especially when you meet challenges that don’t seem to have solutions.

It is critical to understand that being creative and innovative is not necessarily similar despite being used interchangeably. You can be innovative without being a creative type. Being around innovative thinkers will improve your way of thinking.

You can further your innovative thinking by reading wide or even listening to podcasts. Exposure to industry trends and new ideas will prompt you to think beyond the norm. With a changed mindset, the way you handle your team and accomplish tasks will be completely different.

5. Define Responsibilities

While you’d want to do things your way, it is impossible to handle tasks single-handedly. A great office manager needs to define who does what. Having people accountable will get things done, and goals met.

Delegating ensures that you know who is in charge of a particular project. You won’t face challenges trying to locate receipts or documents that have been used. With well-defined responsibilities, there are fewer conflicts as everyone knows what’s needed of them.

6. Work on Employee Trust

Do you know that 58% of employees trust strangers more than they trust their bosses? Well, that’s according to a recent survey by the Harvard Business Review. Distrust of leadership in the office should worry you as an office manager.

Earning employees’ trust and respect ought to be a priority for office managers. Start by knowing your team members. What are their desires? Are they satisfied in their current roles? Strengths?

Once you know your members individually, it is easier to establish practical management strategies. Building your workers’ trust is one of the office management tips that will prove beneficial over the long-term. Keep reviewing your employees as the workforce in the 21st century keeps changing.

7. Expand Your Knowledge and Skills Base

Now that you’re an office manager continuing with your studies should be a priority. You should continue growing and learning to expand your knowledge base. With continued education, you’ll learn more about the trends in technology.

Professional development ought to be a priority throughout your office administration career. The more you learn, the more you’ll become a better office manager. Constant polishing of your management skills will set you apart from other workers.

Take advantage of online webinar courses to keep learning. If need be, enroll for part-time classes. You can take courses such as business management and operations, accounting, and administrative services, among others.

8. Learn to Say ‘No’

Getting the approval of your colleagues and juniors is probably a concern for new office managers. While you want to be a good leader who listens to the team members, saying no is part of good leadership. You’ll need to have priorities and say ‘no’ to requests or things that don’t fall within your to-do-list.

Saying no can prove hard at first. However, it is essential to let people know you work with deadlines and have priorities. With time, you’ll realize you have achieved much within a few weeks.

The Right Office Management Tips Will Set Your Career on the Right Path

Office management is a fulfilling career. Yet, new office managers often face challenges due to overwhelming tasks. You need to know some tips that will allow you to run the office effectively.

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