This 50-Year-Old Chinese Super Fit Mother Defies Age & Looks So Young

If you think that ageing takes a toll on every human being, then wait till you see Liu Yelin, a 50-year-old Chinese super fit mother who defies age with her incredibly youthful looks. Liu Yelin is from China and is a mother of one. When she goes out with her son, people often thinks her 22-year-old son is her boyfriend and it’s all because Yelin looks so young.


The Chinese super fit mother is an ex-librarian, she got her first job in 1985 when she was 17-years-old. It seems like she has stop ageing since then. Millions of people across the world are curious to know the secret behind her flawless skin. Moreover, you would have noticed that she’s has not a single wrinkle on her face and her figure is more toned than a teenage model. She simply can give any actress/model a run for their money.


People often get shocked when Yelin reveals her real age to them. Also, if you are thinking that it’s a trick photography or a work of master make-up artists, then let us tell you that she barely uses any make-up. In her conversation with MailOnline, she said, ‘People are often shocked to find out I am almost 50‘.

Liu Yelin, a 50-year-old Chinese super fit mother, with her 22-year-old Son


Yelin also added that her son, in his 20s, is often mistaken as her boyfriend. Recently, she posted her pictures on Chinese micro-blogging sire, Weibo, which became viral and she got 75,000 followers.


When asked about her beauty secret, she said, ‘I swim in the lake and do weight training every day’. Her favourite thing is swimming outdoors in winter. Her passion for swimming is so great that she swam across the Yangtse river in China and the Han river in South Korea. Moreover, last year, she swam across the Strait of Malacca(7.5 miles) in just four hours.


She lives by the motto, ‘If you think you look rough, that’s because you haven’t sweated enough.‘ The Chinese super fit mother says that her new passion is to travel around the world and she added that she wants to stay this beautiful even when she turns 80.


We wonder if swimming daily can help a human achieve such better results because having a flawless skin and a super toned body like her will be a dream come true for every woman in the world.


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Do let us know what do you think about this 50-year-old Chinese super fit mother? If Liu Yelin’s fitness inspired you, then do share her story with your friends and loved ones.

Source: Weibo (H/T).


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