These 3D Drawings By Nikola Culjic Will Make You Speechless

Our world is full of creative people and artists. Many times, these artists create such beautiful art that normal people like us will rub our eyes. One such artist is Nikola Culjic, this talented guy from Serbia creates 3D drawings and believe us when we say, you will be amazed to see his work. His 3D drawings are so awesome that you won’t be able to differentiate between them and the real things. Check out his work below.

1. Shoe Drawing 3D



2. Fifa Football 3D


Nikola Culjic’s wrote on his posting on Bored Panda “I am self taught, 30 years old guy from Serbia. Actively engaged in drawing less then 3 years. They said that I was always talent for drawing, but I didn’t have interest for this. I started to draw portraits and it was hard, there was great artists which in this holy will never archive (maybe one day) so I decided to draw something different, something rarely. 3D is something what people like and I want to be the best in this. I am using colored pencils, markers and pastel. Inspiration is everywhere, just need to catch it.”

3. Mustang 3D


4. Coca Cola Can 3D


His drawings are so real that anyone can hardly tell the difference between them and the reality. With only hard work and practice you can be as great as him. Look at his drawings and let us know if you think these are awesome.

5. Watermelon Slice 3D


We know that you would be thinking that you are gonna eat this watermelon, but, beware this just a piece of paper with some colors on it. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

6. Harley Davidson 3D


7. Gun & Bullets 3D


8. Mouse 3D


Caution! Don’t hit your screen hard if you think that its a real mouse. Its just an awesome piece of work from an awesome Siberian artist.

9. Frog 3D



Also, check out his video if you are an inspiring artist and want to learn the tips and tricks on “How to Make 3D Drawings?”:

Let us know if you like the work of Nikola Culjic.

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