Moments When You Ask “What Wrong I Did To You, God?”

Some days its not your fault, but everything is going into the wrong direction. Whatever you wish to do is spoiled by that small moment, which we called as “WTF Moments“. You will question God and ask what wrong have you done. You just can’t control it, sometimes its Karma and sometimes its the God’s wrath which fell upon you.

Check out the most WTF Moments:

1.WTF Moments (2)

2.WTF Moments (8)

3.WTF Moments (11)

4.WTF Moments

5.WTF Moments (6)

6.WTF Moments (7)

7.WTF Moments (5)

8.WTF Moments (10)

9.WTF Moments (9)

10.WTF Moments (4)

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