11 Reasons Why Understanding Men Is Difficult For Women

Some of the funniest things about life are the things we all have in common, along with all the little differences that make us who we are. There is always a debate on the difference between Men and Women. Today we got 11 reasons why understanding men is difficult for women. Check them out:

1. How men get ready in the morning.Understanding-Men-Getting-Ready-To-Go-Out

2. When it comes to choosing a Shampoo.Understanding-Men-Truth-When-It-Comes-To-Shampoo

3. Difference between Expectations And Reality.Understanding-Men-Difference-Between-Expectations-And-Reality

4. Shopping Men Vs Women.Understanding-Men-Going-Shopping

5. Checking out someone.Understanding-Men-Checking-Out-Someone-Theyre-Into

6. Men are rather simple.Understanding-Men-Getting-Revved-Up-how-to-turn-a-guy-woman

7. Taking A Compliment.Understanding-Men-Taking-A-Compliment

8. Real Men never feel pain.Understanding-Men-Breaking-A-Nail

9. Parenting 101.Understanding-Men-Watching-A-Baby

10. Packing.Understanding-Men-Packing

11. At last, Breaking Up.Understanding-Men-Breaking-Up


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