Think Before You Eat – Effects Of Eating Junk Food

We know that the world is a beautiful place and so, is the delicious food that is available to us. Most of the people can’t hold themselves and feast on everything that is available with us without knowing the consequence. Fitso, a Gurgaon-based health startup has come with some illustrations that give you the aftermath of eating Junk Food. So, we urge you to think before you eat and if you have any doubt in mind, check this out:

Food and the Running Time required to burn the calories:

1. An Ice Cream with your loved ones can cause you this.Think Before You Eat Ice-Cream

2. Simple Chicken Curry in Lunch will cause this.Think Before You Eat Chicken Curry

3. Everyone’s favourite ‘Burger’ will keep you running.Think Before You Eat Burger

4. A chilled beer with your friends will make you late to the Office.Think Before You Eat Beer

5. It’s only a slice, imagine how long you need to run if you ate the whole Pizza?Think Before You Eat Pizza

6. Cinema’s favourite companion will make you miss your bus.Think Before You Eat Pop Corn

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7. India’s favourite Main Course will affect you like this.Think Before You Eat Paneer

8. Even a single Butter slice can affect your health.Think Before You Eat Butter

9. Even if it’s a Pasta Salad, it’s gonna take your time to burn calories.Think Before You Eat Pasta

10. The amount of sugar in a Cold Drink will give you serious health problems.Think Before You Eat Cold Drink

11. Best Companion for every Bachelor. Beware next time you grab a packet of chips.Think Before You Eat Chips

12. A tasty Doughnut will make you run longer to digest it.Think Before You Eat DoughNut

13. Your favourite sweet dish and its effect.Think Before You Eat Pastry

14. Next time you see a chocolate, run from it(Not for 55 mins 😛 ).Think Before You Eat Chocolate

15. Next time you go to an Indian party, be sure to skip eating Samosa.Think Before You Eat Samosa

So, next time think before you eat the food listed above.

Source: Fitso.