These Images of Syria Before and After Will Chill You To The Bone

The Syrian Civil War has claimed more than 470,000 lives. Also, these images of Syria before and after reveal, it is also laying waste to its historic buildings and Unesco-listed sites.

At one point of time, these places in Syria were so beautiful where people lived and worked, time-worn markets where they came to trade and heritage mosques where, throughout the ages, they prayed. All now stand in ruins, ravaged by a war that is killing generations of Syrians and also, destructing their heritage sites.

Many images of the destruction have emerged since the war begin. But today we are going to show that War only brings the force of Destruction of mankind and these images below prove it:

Syria Before and After (6)
Umayyad mosque, Aleppo, pictured in 2012 (above) and 2013 (below)
Syria Before and After (5)
The Old Souk, Aleppo. Above in 2007 and below in 2013
Syria Before and After (4)
Souq Bab Antakya, Aleppo. Above in 2009 and below after an attack in 2012
Syria Before and After (3)
Omari mosque in Deraa. Above in 2011 and below in 2013
Syria Before and After
Al-Kindi hospital, Aleppo. Above in 2012 and below in 2013
Syria Before and After (2)
A street in Homs, in 2011 (above) and 2014 (below)

Damage has been done and probably, no one can make Syria like before. We all should learn a lesson that war and hatred only brings destruction in our life.