These Superhero Minions Are Too Cute To Handle

Minions now have hundreds of thousands of Fans around the world, because they are cute, Funny, they are fond of Friendship, they stick together and do silly things. Some Artists have taken everyone’s favourite minions from the movie Despicable Me and given them a superhero makeover. It features the minions dressed as popular superheroes such Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man and Batman–to name a few. Check out these cute Superhero Minions that are too cute to handle.

Superhero Minions

1. Captain Minion

Superhero Minions captain_minion

2. Wolverine Minion

Superhero Minions minion_wolverine

3. Cyclops Minion

Superhero Minions cyclops_minion

4. Spider-Minion

Superhero Minions spider_minions

5. Iron-Minion

Superhero Minions alu_minion

6. Hulk-a-Minion

Superhero Minions Minions Hulk

7. Super-Minion

Superhero Minions super_minion

Superhero Minions super_minion 1

8. Bat-Minion

Superhero Minions batminion

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What other superheroes costumes would you like to see our favourite minions dressed up in? Also, let us know if you find these Superhero Minions cute. If you liked this post, make sure to share this post