10 Reasons Why Sunday Funday Is Everyone’s Favorite Day

Sunday Funday right? Some people hate it and some people love it. It’s the first day of the week, or it’s the last day of the week (depends how you look at it). We like to think it’s both of those things. The last day to wrap up the weekend adventures, and a start to kick off the week.

But while it’s a time many of us sit there worrying about going to work the next day, there’s plenty of other reasons why you should quit thinking the weekend is over and just enjoy it. So sit back, relax and take a load off, because if you can’t do it on a Sunday then, frankly, when can you?

Check out 10 reasons why Sunday is the best day ever…

1. It’s another day you can sleep in.

Sunday Funday - 10

2. It’s the perfect day to go out and get some brunch.

Sunday Brunch 11

3. The best cleaning gets done on Sunday we swear.

Sunday Funday (3)

4. You can eat all day long.

Sunday Funday (7)

5. Sunday is a perfect time to think about doing laundry.

Sunday Funday 14

6. Sunday dinner usually tastes better for some reason.

Sunday Funday (8)

7. Sitting around in your Pyjamas at home.

Sunday Funday (2)

8. After the Sunday is over, you just look forward to the next Sunday.

Sunday Tired meme

9. Have a tea and read a book.

Sunday Funday (6)

10. It gets you ready for the week coming up.

Sunday Funday (4)