Scared of Traveling In Flights? Try This Indian Luxurious Bus

We know many people are not much comfortable with planes. Even some of our staff is afraid to board the flight as they find it scary to travel mid-air. Moreover, some people are in constant fear of plane crashing. For all of those, who fell under the same category we have a surprise for you today and we are not talking about any luxury planes. In fact, we are talking about an Indian Luxurious Bus. Yes, you read that right it’s an Indian luxurious bus. This luxurious bus has everything you can ask for. Check out this luxurious bus here:

Indian Luxurious Bus:

Introduced by Rajkot based Eagle Travels and designed by Dilip Chabaria- Club One Bus.Club One Bus Indian Luxurious Bus (7)

Considered to be the Costliest and most luxurious bus with Business Class facilities.Club One Bus Indian Luxurious Bus (4)

With a capacity to accommodate 21 Passengers, it was introduced for Rajkot – Ahmedabad Route with ticket fare Rs 1100.Club One Bus Indian Luxurious Bus

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It has 8-inch touch screen monitor and DTH on each seat, Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee Vending machine, toilet within the bus, 50 films, 5000 songs on the go and Wi-fi service available in the bus for free internet surfing.Club One Bus Indian Luxurious Bus (6)

Moreover, it has bus hostesses to serve snacks, cold drinks etc.Club One Bus Indian Luxurious Bus (5)

They claimed that cost of the bus is a whopping 2 Crore Rupees.Club One Bus Indian Luxurious Bus (3)

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