These Redesigned Superheroes By Some Fans Are Awesome

In our childhood days, we have been sure a fan of some superheroes may be in comics or cartoon series. It is very common for each and every child in this world. Batman, Superman, Starman, Spiderman, Captain America, X-Men and various endless characters in this list are all the great inspirations of every child. They are the superheroes, they come in dreams and they guide them to think everything. For these, we are actually very thankful to the creators of these classics which are created many many years ago and still loved by the modern day children. Some of their Die hard fans used their imagination and redesigned superheroes. Check out the results here:

Redesigned Superheroes:

1. Green LanternRedesigned Superheroes - 1

2. Iron ManRedesigned Superheroes - 2

3. BatmanRedesigned Superheroes - 3

Redesigned Superheroes - 6

Redesigned Superheroes - 7

Redesigned Superheroes - 10

4. Supersonic FlashRedesigned Superheroes - 4

5. BatwomanRedesigned Superheroes - 5

6. SpidermanRedesigned Superheroes - 8

Redesigned Superheroes - 11

Redesigned Superheroes - 14

7. SupermanRedesigned Superheroes - 9

Redesigned Superheroes - 12

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8. Wonder WomanRedesigned Superheroes - 13

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