14 Times You Need To Tell People “You’re Doing It Wrong”

Some people need an instructions manual to get even the most basic things done right! Call it their own stupidity or just sheer bad luck, some people just don’t seem to get certain things. While these situations might prove to be hilarious for many they themselves might not find it too amusing. We list down some of the craziest antics and amusing situations which will have you in splits and make you want to tell them “You’re doing it wrong”!

1. Amazing Engineering.You're Doing It Wrong (2)

2. When you are using the camera for the first time.You're Doing It Wrong (3)

3. How to wear clothes 101(Chinese Addition).You're Doing It Wrong (4)

4. Please Girl! You’re doing it wrong.You're Doing It Wrong (5)

5. Oh look, she can drink through her eyes.You're Doing It Wrong (6)

6. Bad-ass Kid! You are doing it wrong.You're Doing It Wrong (7)

7. That’s not how you clean your laptop after virus attack.You're Doing It Wrong (8)

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8. Indian Government employees be like.You're Doing It Wrong (9)

9. Girl, that’s not a National park.You're Doing It Wrong (10)

10. Kid I beg of you, anything but not this!You're Doing It Wrong (11)

11. He has a minor vision problem. Just a minor one.You're Doing It Wrong (12)

12. Could anybody tell her the right way to use an umbrella, please?You're Doing It Wrong (13)

13. When you are angry to break the rules just like this man.You're Doing It Wrong (14)

14. Its not a swimming pool bro.You're Doing It Wrong