These Images Prove That No One Can Come Between Modi And Camera

It’s been almost 2 years since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world, and his impact has been almost immediate. On his recent trips around the world, we learnt one thing for sure. He knows exactly where the camera is. No one can come between Modi and Camera. It’s still a better love story than Twilight. The love bond between the two can’t be explained in words, it can only be experienced. We have collected some photos from the Internet that will prove that you can’t separate the two in any case. Don’t believe us? Check out these images of our Prime Minister with his love of life; Camera.

Love between Modi and Camera while meeting world leaders

Modi and Camera - 1

Modi and Camera - 2

Modi and Camera - 3

President can welcome the guests while I pose for the Camera.

Modi and Camera - 4

Modi and Camera - 5

Modi and Camera - 6

Look at him paying tribute to the Camera.

Modi and Camera - 7

No one can separate Modi & Camera, not even the crowd.

Modi and Camera - 8

He thought he has a meeting with his beloved camera only.

Modi and Camera - 9

Even Sunlight cannot stop him from showing love towards the Camera.

Modi and Camera - 10

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