These 8 Math Hacks Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

We have seen many people struggling in Mathematics as it is the toughest subject ever. If you ever felt like you are weak in Maths and you will not pass the examinations, these math hacks will be your savior:

1. How to multiply by Eleven Hack

Math Hacks-1

2. How to remember the first eight digit of PI

Math Hacks-2

3. How To Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit

Math Hacks-5

4. How to calculate Percentage easily

Math Hacks-23

5. Easy Way To Add And Subtract Fractions

Math Hacks-9

6. For all the food lovers, Good News for you

Math Hacks-7

7. Easy Way To Multiply Large Numbers In Your Head

Math Hacks-8

8. Multiples Of 9 Made Easy

Math Hacks-10