If You See These Pictures, You Will Get Jealous Of Lucky People

Believe me when I say sometimes we are lucky but most of the times we are unlucky. Luck is never on our side, falling in front of public, getting your favorite jeans torn from nowhere are just a few examples. Lucky are those people who have never experienced these things in Public. Check out some of the pictures that will surely make you jealous of these lucky people:

1. When God Saves you from Mother NatureLucky People

2. No, its not called as ‘Nail in the Shoe’, its called ‘Luck’Lucky People (8)

3. When you got two Masala Flavors in One Noodle Pack, damn lucky!Lucky People (7)

4. Care for an Extra Beer and that too for free?Lucky People (5)

5. When Tree also loves your CarLucky People (4)

6. Found lost Sunglasses after so longLucky People (10)

7. It was just a matter of few inchesLucky People (9)

8. His luck almost went to the GutterLucky People (3)

9. The feeling when you get extra leg spaceLucky People (2)

10. 20 for the price of 18, so luckyLucky People (6)