List Of Top 15 Funny Minion Quotes That Will Lift Your Spirit On A Bad Day

We are sure that 99% of you have watched the movie ‘Despicable Me‘. No matter if you like the movie or not, you just simply can’t hate the Minions. In addition, some people are addicted to the love of Minions. If we ask you what would be the first word that comes to your mind after you hear the word ‘Minions’. We bet that you will say ‘Funny’. While the minions are too cute, yet they can be damn funny sometimes. That’s why today we will be sharing top 15 funny minion quotes and sayings that will lift your spirit even on the baddest day of you life. These funny minion quotes are so hilarious that you won’t be able to restrict yourself and will go ROFL. Check out the funny minion quotes and sayings below.

Funny Minion Quotes & Sayings:

1. Finally the secret has been revealed.Funny Minion Quotes

2. Yes, right! “I Facebooked you”.Funny Minion Quotes (5)

3. That’s how you take revenge.Funny Minion Quotes (9)

4. That happens every f*cking month.Funny Minion Quotes (14)

5. Surprise! Look what I got for myself.Funny Minion Quotes (8)

6. Perfect Position Ever.Funny Minion Quotes (13)

7. Because I am always right.Funny Minion Quotes (3)

8. That’s the reason I am always hungry.Funny Minion Quotes (6)

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9. No one can be the 90’s kids.Funny Minion Quotes (15)

10. Round is a shape though 😎 .Funny Minion Quotes (2)

11. Because my Mom is the greatest of them all.Funny Minion Quotes (4)

12. It is the best part of hearing rumors about yourself.Funny Minion Quotes (10)

13. That’s the most scary part actually.Funny Minion Quotes (12)

14. Because Women are always right.Funny Minion Quotes (16)

15. Its so middle class. Btw we are middle class too.Funny Minion Quotes (7)

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