If You Are A True Indian, You Should Know The Importance Of Jugaad

Well for those you who don’t know the meaning of Jugaad, it is a colloquial Hindi and Punjabi word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around. For Indians, it means that you need to find a work-around to get your work done by using simple and cheap things you find in your surroundings. We think no Indian in the world can deny the fact that he/she has used Jugaad at some point of time in his life. But, if you are the one who had never used Jugaad in your life, then you better check out the importance of Jugaad in your life.

Importance of Jugaad:

It is raining outside and you don’t have an Umbrella. Don’t worry, just use Jugaad like the person in the pic below:Importance of Jugaad Memes -1Ran out of gas while in the middle of Cooking something delicious , no problem Jugaad is your Savior.Importance of Jugaad Memes -2

It’s your wedding day and your suit is not ready. Need something to wear, why don’t you try something like this Gentleman below?Importance of Jugaad Memes -3

Who said Tooth Brush can be used for Teeth only? Jugaad saved the day for her, all thanks to this Tooth Brush.Importance of Jugaad Memes -4

You know its Month End and you can’t afford an iPod. Jugaad is totally free and worth it.Importance of Jugaad Memes -5

Are you facing cable signal problems for quite some time? It’s time to change your dish and that too, free of cost.Importance of Jugaad Memes -6

After seeing this pic below, students may think that their hostel life is a waste without this Jugaad.Importance of Jugaad Memes -7

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Especially for all the girls out there, if your hair straightener is not working and you need a little help, why don’t you try this Jugaad?Importance of Jugaad Memes -8

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