You Won’t Believe What This Man Did When Honda Refused Him Warranty

We all have faced this situation in our lifetime when some company refuses to give us aftermarket warranty of their product for a random reason. We all feel frustrated and cheated at that point of time, company says the fault doesn’t comes under the Warranty T&C’s. Then some of us decide to pay for the damage and others try to move the company to the court. But, what we are going to show you next is Unbelievable. An Indian Man from Uttar Pradesh, India was refused warranty of his Honda Amaze and look what he did:

Honda Voids Aftermarket Warranty (2)Honda took ~38K INR for aftermarket warranty from him.

Honda Voids Aftermarket Warranty (3)When the consumer realized that engine is not working fine, he went to their service center and asked them to repair it. They refused to repair it saying that there is water in your engine and this fault doesn’t comes under Warranty T&C’s.

Honda Voids Aftermarket Warranty (4)After seeing no progress with several arguments, he took the car in-front of Honda’s office and wrote everything on the car whatever he wanted to say like how he’s cheated, his number and stuff like that.

Honda Voids Aftermarket Warranty (6)He wrote he’s crying blood tears after buying car from Honda.

Honda Voids Aftermarket Warranty (7)The man is now advising everyone, not to buy car from Honda in the future.

Honda Voids Aftermarket Warranty (8)He has also written his contact number over the car.

Honda Voids Aftermarket Warranty 11

We hope that the case is resolved soon and the Company & Consumer come to a settlement.