10 Facts About North Korea That Are Too Bizarre

North Korea is a land of mystery as their leaders keep their country extremely secluded from the rest of the world. Because of which there is not much information available about North Korea. Today, we have collected 10 of the bizarre facts about North Korea which will make you question their living:

Facts About North Korea:

1. North Korea has 28 state-approved haircuts among which 18 are for women.

Facts About North Korea 29 Haircuts
Source: David Guttenfelder, News

2. Half of North Korea’s 24 million people live under extreme poverty.

Facts About North Korea Poverty

3. In North Korea, the year is 105 instead of 2016 as they use a calendar called the Juche, based on birth of Kim Il-Sung, not Jesus.

Facts About North Korea Calender 105 year

4. Following the death of Kim Jong-il, thousands of North Koreans were punished and sentenced to 6 month in prison camps for not being sufficiently upset.

Facts About North Korea Punish For Not Gettign Upset

5. Blue jeans are illegal in North Korea as they are considered a symbol of American Imperialism.

Facts About North Korea Banned Blue Jeans

6. Shockingly enough, Marijuana is legal in North Korea.

Facts About North Korea Marijuana

7. North Korea is the only country in the world which has captured US Navy ship and it  became a tourist attraction in Pyongyang.

Facts About North Korea Us Navy Ship

8. North Korea also have a “Three Generations” sentence for guilt by association.

Facts About North Korea 3 generations Punishment

9. North Korea is one of the only two countries in the world where you can’t buy a Coke. Other country being Cuba.

Facts About North Korea Coke banned

10. North Korea has only 3 T.V channels, one channel that’s broadcast only during the evening while the other two are only broadcast during the weekend.

Facts About North Korea 3 Tv Channels

Let us know if you know some other facts about North Korea.