An Artist Sums Up Everyday Women Problems & Its Hilarious

We all know everyday women have to face many problems and sometimes a lot of problems. From makeup to periods, women have a long list when it comes to plan anything. While some men always desire that someday their lady would get ready on time and they will live a happy life. But, they never understand that women are quite different and have to face a lot of problems. Anyways, a 21 year old Romanian Canada-based artist, Cassandra Calin will help of us to understand everyday women problems in a very funny way.

Basically, she covers all the struggles of a common woman in hilarious Comic strips. She wrote, “I draw comics inspired by my life and experiences. I enjoy laughing at my awkward self and ranting about silly misfortunes such as being born with curly hair”. You can also check out more of her work at this link. Have a look at her work and decide for yourself that whether her work is great or not.

Everyday Women Problems By Cassandra Calin:

1. You Vs Your BFF when it comes to photography.Everyday Woman Problems Comic Photographer Friend

2. The moment you realize that you have a lived a pretty good life.Everyday Woman Problems Comic miss calls from mom

3. The biggest problem faced by a woman ever.Everyday Woman Problems Comic shaving legs Period and Vacation

4. The moment of relief when you enter your home and do what you like.Everyday Woman Problems Comic Bra

5. Trying not to ruin your lipstick is the biggest pain in woman’s life.Everyday Woman Problems Comic Lipstick

6. Eyeliner Saga Continues…Everyday Woman Problems Comic Liner

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7. When you got to know Expectation and Reality are two opposite things.Everyday Woman Problems Comic hairstyle

8. There is always a difference in ‘What you thought and What you got’.Everyday Woman Problems Comic Lipstick look

9. Well, even woman can’t miss a single spot.Everyday Woman Problems Comic shaving legs

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